Tutorials, University of St Andrews, 1900

During my PhD, I have tutored a number of undergraduate courses.

Small Group Tutorials

These tutorials were delivered to groups of approximately 10 students each. The students would submit solutions to problem sheets and get written feedback on their work (both formative and summative), as well as seeing and discussing solutions in the tutorial.

Examples Classes

These were large group sessions during which students would work independently on problem sheets.

I have taught on the following courses:

MT2501 Linear Mathematics

An introductory course covering the basics of linear algebra in a rigorous manner and aimed at a broad spectrum of students.

I delivered tutorials to 6 groups and examples classes.

MT2504 Combinatorics and Probability

A first course in combinatorics and probability, covering topics such as counting arrangements, generating functions, basic probability, distributions, and probability and moment generating functions.

I delivered tutorials to 3 groups.

MT2505 Abstract Algebra

A rigorous introductory course in abstract algebra, covering basic group theory with a focus on permutation groups.

I delivered tutorials to 3 groups.